Scattered Comics is an indie comic publisher located in Sacramento, California. Established by Jason Dube, Scattered Comics is a independent comic book company that brings together high caliber talents and self-published creators to produce for the fans comic books with eye-popping, stylistic artwork and captivating and moving storylines. Under this imprint we create comics about the supernatural, dreams, teenage romance and angst, fantasy and horror. We strive to tell stories that mean something to us.


SCATTERED: A story about the supernatural world and the journey of 4 young teens who are brought together to deal with it. It is through this world that they encounter Angels, Demons, Gods, and Mages. There are ghosts and spirits, and if that wasn’t enough they have to struggle with their own real world dramas. Love triangles, stalkers, death, and coping with the stress of what they know lies under the surface of the real. All this together binds the storylines together that would otherwise be SCATTERED.
Written & Artwork by Jason Dube

PANDA DAYS:  A cute, short-haired girl who just wants to live a fun-filled life, but how can she when she is constantly being tormented by evil ninjas?
The only one who can possibly help her just happens to be drawing her in his own comic book from his dreams. These two, along with dozens of other colorful characters, all live in a world where nobody ages, but still deals with the everyday struggles of life.
This comic is filled with angst-filled love triangles, popularity-hungry girls, a mocha-wired artist, vampire wait¬ers, and battles with imaginary ninjas. Panda Days is just how it sounds — light-hearted, adorable, cute and loads of fun!
Written & Artwork by Jason Dube

PANDA SHORTS:  Cute self contained short stories involving the characters from Panda Days.
Stories & Artwork by Yolante Charles

SHADOW HUNTERS:  is the new supernatural comic book that revolves around the lives of 3 teenage girls. As they seek vengence on the dark demon that wiped out hundreds of lives, they encounter both a vast array of darkness that dwell around them and a shadow army that combats it. This is a new series from Scattered Comics that is created and written by Jason Dube and drawn by Benjamin Jordan. It is a comic that is recom¬mended for more mature reader with its heavy themes of death, mature subject matters, and violence. And be sure to keep your eyes open for the new live-action film being produced now!
Written by Jason Dube & Artwork by Benny Jordan

HYBRID EARTH : In December of 2015 the nano-bomb was created, fusing nuclear and nano technology together. The first, and last bomb, was detonated into Earth’s atmosphere. When the irradiated nanomachines came back down, they merged humans with machines.
Written by Rustin Petrae & Co-Written & Artwork by Frederick Allison Jr

LAST DOORWAY PRODUCTIONS:  is a branch of Scattered Comics that produces a line of Mature Readers Horror Comics. It is also a multi-media company that produces its own brand of films, books, and television shows. (Forgotten Tales, Creepy Kofy Movietime, Haunting Desire)

A CURIOUS JOURNEY:  A fantasy-adventure where a little kitten is trying to find his way home through numerous adventures.
Written and Artwork by Krysten Reis & Andry
ERABYSS:  follows Vale and his friends as their world succumbs to a devastating phenomenon called Rot. Their journey to discover the source of this strange infestation turns into a horrific nightmare as the Rot begins to spawn terrifying creatures called Tyrants. No place is safe from their relentless onslaught and our heroes are forced to consider the unthinkable. In order to save their world, they must first be ready to sacrifice it.
Written, Created, Drawn and Colored by Warin Johnson



Jason Dube has been self-publishing under his comic book company Scattered Comics for the past 22 years. He has published titles such as Scattered, Panda Days, Caffeine Poisoned, and Waiting for Something to Happen. He has recently began putting out monthly webcomics, and branched out to releas¬ing his titles to download on I-tunes. Jason also working as a fulltime freelance comicbook artist has worked as artist, colorist, typesetter and layout artist for several independent companies. (Companies include NEKO PRESS, BLUE WATER PRODUCTIONS, COMICBOOK DIVAS).
Dube has recently opened an art studio (Scattered Comics Studios) where several artists work under me to help with the expanding workload that I have been bringing in from other clients.


Fredrick has been determined to be a great artist. His influences started with cartoons and nintendo game cover art, and soon expanded with anime and American comics. Learning many “lessons” from attempting many styles, he landed on a style that best represents him. He also paints with acrylics, digital paint with photoshop, and sculpts with clay. He is currently working on two independent titles. One, a vampire love story that stretches across several centuries, and the other is a detective story that is set in a sci-fi world of human/mechanical hybrids.


Krysten Reis is a recent graduate from the Art Institute of Sacramento with a bachelor’s degree. Immediately after graduating, she began working at a start up game company. Which taught her to be flexible with her artistic style. Now she is pursuing her dream of working in comics.


Warin has been a self taught artist for most of his life, as well as a professionsl Tattoo artist for the last 10 years. He draws his influences from mediums such as comics, manga, anime, games and other art outlets. He has attended the Art Institute of Sacramento to pursue a degree in Game Art and Design with a focus in Concept Design and is now focusing his efforts on Comics and Graphic novels.


Yolante Charles is a writer, artist, (computer) line-artist, and designer. Relatively new to the comic industry, she has already put out the first professional comic she has drawn ‘Panda Days Summer Shorts’ and is currently working on her comics as well.
Originally from Canada she came to California and is currently working on becoming a permanent resident. She recently graduated from Sacramento City College with a Associate’s Degree in Graphic Communications and three certificates. Her art style is an original anime style, and is often made to work on her ‘adorable chibis’.


Rustin Petrae, an author out of Ohio. I was actually born in San Antonio, Texas but spent nearly half his life overseas. He grew up on Misawa Air Force Base, Japan and then went on to Seoul, South Korea and then onto Osan Air Force Base, South Korea where he graduated from Osan American High School. He learned a lot from that and he uses a lot of what I learned in his writing.

Here is the info for “SWORN”…

SWORN: The souls of mankind and every living thing are the weighing objects on the tipping scale of good and evil, an uneven shift of spiritual energy can threaten the very balance of the Universe. It is the duty of the Great Planet Non and its oracle, chosen by God, to calculate and protect that balance of spiritual energy. Many in the past have tried to shift the balance of good and evil in their favor, but none have ever succeeded in the complete elimination of a single soul from the universes equation, until now. Lilith a demonic sorceress has discovered a way to collect souls by elimination, thus disrupting the flow of spiritual energy and plans to use the power she has collected to unleash the six armies of hell upon Non in order to recreate it in her own image and become the new governess of the universe. Now the fate of our future rest upon the earth half-ling Sworn and his comm-rads to help the Oracle destroy Lilith and restore balance back to the Universe.

And the Creators Info:

Calvin Ellis has been drawing since he was 5 years old. Over the years he has self taught himself to go from tracing to drawing my own characters from his head and began creating his own comic series.


Jasmine Ellis is a promising young writer and artist who is sure to bring many great stories to life in the years to come. Jasmine starting crafting stories when she was only eight years old. She would tell her stories to her older brother, Calvin. In 2012, she collaborated with her brother, an artist, to bring to life one of those stories as a comic book. That story is Sworn.